Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A relaxing day of putt-putt.

Las Vegas
family Christmas.
Wow what a weekend! For the blog narrative I’ll start with the most recent day and work back through time. First a little about the weekend in general; this year’s Christmas has been years in the making. The grandparents have been planning on having a family Christmas at their home in Las Vegas for at least the last five years. This was a special event and I’m sure it took lots of hard work, hours of planning, and a chunk of change to pull it all together. I have to say the trip when flawlessly! It was very relaxing and fun! I was only out there for three days and it seems like I had a week.
Day 3 (Monday): My last day in Las Vegas was a day of leisure. I stayed at the Sahara Hotel and Casino during my visit. After sleeping in till 10:00am at the hotel I headed down to the Casino and grabbed a cup of coffee and an English muffin at their grind café before heading to the grandparent’s house to meet up with the rest of the family for an early lunch. We were treated to lunch at the Angel Park golf course club house. We had a private room with buffet style eats. On the menu were some of my favorites, burgers and/or chicken sandwiches with house made potato chips, potato salad and cookies for desert. After lunch we played 18 holes of putt-putt golf on their real grass course. It was just like playing on a real course just at 1/10th scale. It was a sunny 70 degrees with a slight breeze. We had lots of laughs as we made and afternoon of it. I shot a 68, which put me in second place of our foursome.

This is a tough bunker on hole 14…and yes, I’m on the beach!

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