Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day Weekend 2010: Breckenridge Colorado

The meadows off Tiger Road had about 12 -24 inches of fresh snow.
We headed to Breckenridge Colorado for the long President's day weekend in the camper pulling the sleds. Our friend Miguel's annual Skiesta! Which is basically four fun filled days playing in the snow with friends and family with the accommodations provided by Miguel. We took the camper and plugged into the house to add capacity for the event. Almost 40 people visited throughout long weekend which added to the charge and popularity of his tradition.

Colorado's beloved ski county deliveries with evening flurries that would break to partly cloudy by midday, leaving behind 4-6 inches of “refills” for the skiers. Snow conditions got progressively better in Summit County with the moderate precipitation finally adding to their relatively dry season.

Nell braps her RMQ around the trails and meadows near Breckenridge, Colorado. Her riding is steadily progressing.
With folks all the way from Australia attending, the weekend was an eclectic blend of characters and personalities. The group celebrated a couple birthdays and Valentine's day before it was all over.

Trax manhandles the 1000cc APEX before getting bucked off and breaking bones.
One of the things that every(most anyway) sledder must deal with when riding in the backcountry is getting bucked off the sled. This usually means hitting a hidden obstacle and flying off the machine. If you're lucky only the machine is damaged. Other times it is the body which breaks. Trax found this out the hard way by breaking his wrist in two places on day 1's outing. Luckily we were not to far from help and we were able get him patched up and mending before the days end.

The man of the hour entertains his guesses with crazy eyes and thunderous song.
Here, Here Paco. Well Done.