Monday, July 26, 2010

Gems of Glenwood Springs, a Traveler's Guide

Simple accommodations at Ami's Campgrounds.
There have been a number of times where I'd be passing through Glenwood Springs, Colorado to other destinations and thought; I'd hangout here for the night, if I could park and sleep in my jeep/truck/camper/tent. Most of the time I find dealing with the tourist in the town's congested streets, looking for parking, and finding an affordable room too much and I speed on through thinking, "Man...there has got to be a place where I can crash for the night around here somewhere."

But what is this?
Ami's Acres Campground:
The best place for a pit stop in Glenwood Springs for under $40 bucks.

Note: If you are looking for a secluded primitive camping experience, Ami's Acres is NOT for you. Thats not what they do.

If you have a place to sleep, Ami's is a great place to squat for the night or two near the highway and/or Glenwood springs
amenities. Bring ear plugs for sleeping the highway is in ear shot...Like most of Vail. (ha!)
Glenwood Spings "proper" is a short bike ride, to pretty much everywhere. 15min to the town. You'll not need to circle for hours looking for parking if you ride from Ami's. They have tent sites and Rv sites with full hook up, clean bathrooms and showers. Being inexpensive and just off the highway you can pull off and sleep quickly for road closures and other delays on I70, Launch quickly avoid Glenwood traffic, and for about $36, which is at least $40 less than the cheapest room in Glenwood, you can sleep in your truck.

We found another favorite gem in the Glenwood Canyon.

Dudley and Nell Swim in a favorite pool of the Colorado River.

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