Saturday, February 11, 2006

Current Creek Capers

An action shot in extreme conditions.
Day time temps in the single digits to below zero.
Some interesting factoids of the day:

Water in your backpack stayed liquid for about two hours before becoming slushy. Then froze solid in just under four hours.

Believe it or not staying cool is very important on days like this. If you become over heated and sweat, the sweat acts to super cool the body when you stop moving. It ruins any insulating layers you have on. Once you’re wet, you’re done.

If you breathe in hard through your nose on days like today, your nose hairs freeze together and close the nostril, weird but true.

Current Creek Capers.

Free as a bird!
Mike flies off one of the many rock drops in the area.
Note: He rides with ski poles in the backcountry. They help him stabilize on the ascent, and push through the flat sections on the descent.
Just because its cold doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast!