Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Jonesin for the Powder.

Getting to know the RX-1 Mountain.

Me and my new snowmobile (haven't named her yet) getting to know each other in over 30 inches of fresh snow, Wednesday morning.

Today people who could blow off work and go play in the snow probably did. A storm system moved in Monday evening leaving a couple feet of snow in the higher elevations by Wednesday morning. Where I'm from this is a POWDER DAY! Finally! First weekday “powder day” of the year for me, Yee haa! There is something about waking up in the morning knowing your going to the backcountry while the majority of people are going to work. Or are sitting in traffic (even better). Feels like you're getting away with something. Although snow conditions still felt a little "early season, the group was calling it "Spiny", we had a great time playing around on the high meadow trails and in just below the trees line where the snow had drifted. Snow above tree line was being blown around all day. Making it crush over and drift, a great time with the sleds as we practiced maneuvering around the rocks, but ski lines down the mountain were shallow and rocky . The waist deep drifts would "reset" every couple of hours but the snow would come off the mountain. We agreed that the snow was good, but could have been epic with a more establish base. Today’s snow gets a B-. Hey it is October. Check out iskibc's blog at we know snow for some great photography and descriptions of the ski conditions from the day, as well as jp's blog for more crash pictures.

Hey! Although I crashed more on my sled, Jp's crash was the hardest of the day. So hard I didn’t take a picture. He got thrown in front of the sled and it nearly slid over him on the way down the mountain. The snow was unforgiving today, shallow and blunt. If you were chucked, it was bone against rock. Everybody think SNOW!

Note worthy:
1. JP coined today's activity as "The Sled Shred".
2. Total mileage on the sled today: 35 miles (unheard of with just snow shoes)
3. Top speed: 42mph (the sled has plenty left... plenty left! I was too chicken)
4. Wreck total: 4
5. Fun meter: 10! (So fun! Access to terrain is increased 200%)