Monday, September 29, 2008

Austin City Limits 2008

Waiting for the bats near Congress Bridge.
There is a colony of
Mexican free-tail bats that live under the bridge, estimated at 1.5 million each night from mid-March to November at duks, the bats emerge from within the cement seams of the bridge's construction.They blanket the sky as they emerge to forage for food. Apparently the bat cloud can be seen with weather radar systems.
Note: Viewing the bats from atop is advised, as "something bat" will rain down from the bat cloud.

A lone show-goer's bad-ass bike sports a sticker that reads.
"Support the lunatic fringe."

David Byrne, Austin City Limits Review:
I always remember David Byrne from his hay day with Talking Head when I hear a band with similar sound and/or rhythms. It is a relatively common occurrence today to hear pieces of the past in the newest hits. For good reason, element like that tend to be timeless, ah la,The Beatles.
What really got me interested in David Byrne lately was this youtube video. He plays a old building with a pipe organ that controls remote controlled vibration motors attached to the building's infrastructure(old pipes, radiators, and columns.) The different vibrations create a tone that can be represented as music scale or keys on an organ.

His show was great! Everything you might expect from a true pro. The energy level throughout the show sky rocketed, with older tunes following newer stuff from his "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today" album. He would bounce in with the dancer's routine every now and then to complete the free flowing choreographed patterns. With one encore song he set the tone for Manu Chao, another great performance. David Byrne still gotz plenty.

Foo Fighters, Austin City Limits Review:
To Come...

Show-goer jumping off a foot bride into Barton Springs.

Bike Parking at the ACL 2008. (day 3)

BBQ Texas Style.
Review to come...

Austin 2008.

Two Turtles in Barton Springs.

Our Hosts. Mike and Jack(Dog) Hancock.

Breakfast at Cisco's, day 2.
Review to come...

The monster Smoker at a UT, Horns Tailgate party.
Note: Everything really is bigger in Texas.