Sunday, October 03, 2010

Colorado Indian Summer 2010

A beautiful fall weekend in Colorado with summer like conditions. Day time temps in the 80's.

Fishing the small pools in the Wild Basin, Rocky Mountain National Park.
Alpine pools require ninja like stealthy-ness and tiny(20 - 22) dry flies. I love these zones for the sheer bounty. The trout up here spook really easily but are veracious and aggressive.

Brook trout have got to be pound for pound one of the most fierce predators on the planet.

Nell treated for an awesome ride through the golden Aspens of Boulder County Colorado.

Note; We met a French Bulldog named "Meatball" at the stables. They called him "Meaty B" for short. He was a cool charter who didn't mind the chipmunks in his water dish, something unheard of at Dudley's house.

Her day was filled with nature, art, food, horses and smiles from friends and family. An absolutely perfect finish to the summer.