Saturday, December 10, 2005

shreddin backside all day!

JP shreds down his perfect line at mock 1 that morning! (his coat covering up the permagrin he emitted all day!)

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Coffee time this AM

Warmer this morning with tempatures in the teens. Up from yesterday about 35 dregrees.
Almost every morning I stand on the deck, drink coffee and wonder what it's like at the summit of Longs peak. I bet cold today, but clear as a bell!
The pinks, purples and contrast of the morning views today were inspiring and blog worthy.
Clear, Crisp, Crunchy. A Chilly Coal Creek Canyon Coffee Consequence. 7:00am Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 05, 2005

Powder Day Basin Style!

Ok, so if you didn’t make it to the Colorado Mountains this last weekend you probably had a good reason… or are completely lame. With something like 20 inches of fresh powder in most areas, the epic Powder day that everybody talks about, finally presented itself. Both the Loveland and Vail passes were closed (a good sign) Saturday morning, so only the true powder hounds braved the drive to take advantage of the spoils, the resorts weren’t really that packed.

What a day! I didn’t do much picture taking, or site seeing, no taking in the views. I didn’t stop and break much, I don’t think, I even drank any water or ate that morning.

All I did Saturday morning was ride thigh-high campaign powder as fast and as many times as possible grinning ear to ear...there were probably a few Yeah-hoos! in there too.

Steezin at the Beezin!

JP, usually found in the backcountry, only comes to the resorts when there is considerable avalanche danger back there and/or the roads to get over the passes are closed.

This is him at the basin this weekend doing a “nose butter” for the folks on the chairlift. He is always “Jibbin”, “Jumpin” and “Bonkin” around the ski runs. People on the lifts laugh and point, not really knowing what to make of JP’s style (called Steez to snowboarders).
But JP doesn’t care! In fact I think he kind of likes freaking people out.
In his words: “I’m just having fun, dude.”