Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Perfect Fall Day.

Mmm Beir.
On Mount Beirstadt 14,060 feet.
First time up Colorado’s little brother 14er “Beirstadt”.Our group was up and down this thing with lunch at the summit in about 5 hours. We kept a good clip and elevated heart rates the squeeze every last bit of -Schwarzenegger voice- TRAINING out of this one. Most of the walk was on the trail but last weeks mountain dustings made for shallow snowfields near the summit. We all got excited to see the snow knowing that ski season is right around the corner. Yee-Haa!
Today's weather was textbook "Colorado fall day", couldn’t ask for a nicer one. This season I always find nostalgic. There is something about the yellow Aspen leaves falling from the trees on to the black mud of a pine forest trail. They stick to your boot a when you walk through them. As the day warms small creeks and drainages come to life. They chatter with the trickle of the snowmelt into the night before freezing for another day. The smell of pine fire welcomes the evening hours as the day draws to an end and one day closer to winter, when the real fun begins!

*Happy Birthday Dad! - Picture coming soon.

Fall Colors

A missing berry. Posted by Picasa