Monday, October 17, 2011

Colorado High School Mountain Bike League

Trax races in last week event at Peaceful valley Ranch in the Black Forest, Colorado.

Colorado's newly formed High School Mountain bike league has been taking off in the last couple years. It saw 100% growth this year with kids from all over the state forming teams at their high schools, or groups of high schools (so called composite teams). Powered by local sponsors and enthusiastic volunteers the race series has us driving to some of Colorado most beautiful destination for the competitions. The guys (and girls which the numbers has quadrupled in a year) really take pride in the sport and I can actually see the camaraderie being built. Some of these kids can ride! No doubt laying the roots for a collegiate or pro level career.

Trax's Buddies Wyatt(Boulder High) and Griff (Monarch High) are neck and neck during lap # 2.