Thursday, July 20, 2006

Flaming Hula Hoops

My friend Kelly(The Durga) is heading home to Austin next month. Apparently Boulder is just too conservative for her! Ha! She finished her PhD classes from Naropa Institute and graduated last spring. Here she spins a fiery hula hoop at her going away party (talk about Super Woman!) We enjoyed a mild Colorado summer evening, delicious Indian food, cold beverages and the entertainment speaks for itself. I plan to visit her when things settle down and eat my way through Austin, I hear the food there is awesome!

Good Luck Kelly! We will see you real soon.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Casey & Angie's Wedding!

A hip shot of the Sand ceremony during the wedding.
In the amazing Estes Park, Colorado over looking Lake Estes my long time friend Casey and his beautiful bride Angie were married.
I have known this guy for longer than I haven’t known him, some 17 years and counting. We grew up together; were in the same classes, played on the same sports teams, have the same taste in music, women, friendships and life in general. I would say that he is like a brother and I always knew that one day one of us would tie the knot and the other would be standing by. Of course he beats me to the punch, just one of the many times.
I was a groomsman in this very special occasion for Casey and Angie. During the traditional sequence the couple integrated in something I had never seen before, a “sand ceremony”. This was a simple yet meaningful addition to their ceremony I thought was really neat. They had three small vases filled with sand and a larger empty vase that could be sealed. The sand in each vase was a different color and represented the Bride, the Groom, and the Holy Spirit. As they came together in marriage they poured their sands into the larger vase. The sand swirled together to create a mixture of the two colors. This symbolized the two coming together as one. The third vase of sand was added by their Pastor and represented their unity with each other and with God. The Pastor then sealed the large vase and at that moment this collection of sand and glass carried with it a larger meaning that could be felt through out the gathering.

Thank you Casey and Angie for the awesome time at Lake Estes, it will forever be your spot in my mind.

Casey & Angie's Wedding!

Me and Casey “The Dog”.