Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fishing Colorado: Wild Basin

Wild Basin 2007.
This year Wild Basin has been a favorite. Having fly fished most of the water from Bluebird lake to Copeland lake I have had mixed success in the area. This location has amazing water. Its numerous beaver ponds, deep slow moving pools and bank water seem too good to be true. Fly fishing the streams and lakes in the area has been very tedious at times. The overall experience more than makes up for a lack of tricked trout, which is good because today we were skunked!

Today kind of started out crappy.
I’m not going to rant like I’d plan, but I will say this.

Standing at the counter at the backcountry office is not an appropriate place to plan a trip. Do that on your own time, especially when a line out the door forms behind you. It wastes the time of all the other people who planned their trips before “day of”! And Ranger working the station, notice the line, multitask, call somebody, something!

45 min to get a reserved backcountry permit = not good enough RMNP!

A few strikes and a rise or two was all the trout had to do with us today.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Or not.

Last night's gusty winds had their say on my storage tent idea.
I woke up to mangled steal posts and ripped eyelets. The contents of the tent were spread throughout in the forest.
The winds were reported to have gusts that were estimated at 40 mph. That is only about half of the top wind speed here on the ridge in past years. Top gusts clocked in at 90 mph last year.
Back to the drawing board...