Friday, October 29, 2004

Dusk on Mission Beach

Lone Palm at Mission Beach
As the sun set on Mission beach I captured this image and I began to think about all the people who must have enjoyed a similar site. I wondered how many bare feet have touched this sand, how many cares were swept away by the sun setting over the pacific in this very location. I found a guy by the name of Peter Lubezynski at the University of San Diego who has posted a site about the history of Mission beach. I was delighted when I read something that I had just assumed about why early settlers came to mission beach. “Mission Beach has a certain lifestyle that is simply appealing. Everyone wanted to be there and just have a good time.” Not much has changed in that respect.
Thanks Will and April for being awesome hosts! I’ll never forget our time together.

Mission Beach history:(by Peter Lubezynski)