Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Quiet Christmas Morning.

Day 2 (Sunday): Christmas Day would be a day of hourly massages, goofing off with the cousins playing touch football in the park, eating like every few minutes, enjoying the hot tub and pool capped off with a family Texas-holdem poker tournament.
I started off the day at the house. Arriving early, I helped cook breakfast for the masses. Some family members were already there getting their massages. The grandparents hired a masseuse to give hourly massages throughout the day. I didn’t sign up but I guess they felt really great! We had California style eggs benedict, which is an English muffins topped with a slice of cheddar, some Canadian bacon, a pouched egg, a fresh tomato slice and last but not least a good slathering of hollandaise sauce. They were great, I ate three! After breakfast the family walked to the near by park and played touch football, ultimate freesbee, and did some calk drawings on the sidewalk.
We spent a few hours there in the sun shine before heading back to the house for some pool time and snacking before our early dinner. For dinner we had Turkey, Ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli, fruit soup and dinner rolls. Pumpkin, Apple and cherry pies with vanilla ice cream followed for dessert! I was stuffed and went into a food comma for an hour before the holdem tournament.

The tournament was a ten dollar buy in. We had 18 people playing on two tables. Not really knowing the skill level of the other family members I was knocked out early by a younger cousin…much younger. (I don’t want to say how much younger.)
Later that evening I learned that he had been groomed from birth to be a poker player in the family poker mill! Much like a Chinese gymnast is taught to be a gymnast at a very young age, he was taught the gambling craft of Texas holdem…the protege ended up taking second, his dad took first, and if it were not for my little brother Will taking third, the Mendozas would have been out of the money completely. It was a awesome day with many gut breaking laughs...so many my face hurt.

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