Thursday, March 10, 2011

Using nature's genius.

Clearly we have much to learn from the natural world. A truly inspiring talk.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Restoring America’s Rivers: Preparing for the Future

Sep 11th, 2008: American Rivers and NOAA awards grant for New Hampshire’s Black Brook.
Black Brook, New Hampshire ($50,000): Black Brook Dam has overtopped during recent major flood events and continues to threaten downstream communities, a local road, and businesses. Its removal will eliminate a significant public safety risk. Removal of the dam will also revitalize Black Brook, improving the overall water quality and ultimately removing the stream from the state’s 303(d) list, and restore eight miles of free-flowing river habitat for alewife, blueback herring, Atlantic salmon, and other migratory fish. The City of Manchester, who is administering the grant, is also planning a major park revitalization effort in anticipation of the river restoration project. Along with the City of Manchester, many partners have been involved in making this project a success, including the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, the New Hampshire State Conservation Committee, the New Hampshire Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership, Trout Unlimited, New Hampshire Fish & Game, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

A watercolor and Brown Dog.

Nell chills on a picnic table in Slick Rock, Moab UT. 5"X7"
This image is from the last campsite in the "J" section of the Slick Rock campgrounds. We usually pick this area to avoid the more popular sites by the trail heads. Those rides are another 15 minutes away from these sites but the silent nights are well worth it. On this day we tooled around working on skills and adjusting our bikes to slick rock. Random jeep roads and crossings made for quick dashes to the trails. Working on tricky sections or practicing techniques on day one, we usually take some time to get dialed...and sleep in the sun on the picnic tables.
I'm always rusty during the Colorado ski season on my bike in Utah late March. Like a fat, half-bearded kid on a tricycle, but... Nothing will kick your ass into shape like a 5 day romp through one of the nations finest natural areas on a well maintained mountain bike.
side note:
Last time we stayed here it snowed and Brown Dog was introduced to cactus!

Speaking of...Yeah he's suffering.