Friday, June 02, 2006

Will & Corinna's BIG Day!

Sunday May 28, 2006. Surrounded by close friends and family Will and Corinna tie the knot in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina!

This was such a great time!
It was hard picking out a single picture to blog of this momentous occasion. The entire event from start to finish was beautiful, unique, and simply elegant. They really captured the spirit of celebration that I think is frequently miss these days. This spirit is something that money can not buy. Rather it must already flourish in the couple’s lives and as it comes together, with each person bringing their own special piece; it can be recognized and appreciated as a whole. I had a awesome time on my trip and felt lucky to have people like these in my life.

Thank you.

Holden Harmony

Holden harmony.

After the wedding festivities a group of us “blow off real life” type people, hauled ass to Holden beach, NC for a few relaxing days ocean side. The temperatures on the coast seemed to be a slightly cooler than of that inland. It felt generally cooler, less humid and the fresh ocean breezes welcomed us to our beach house appropriately name “It’s five o’clock somewhere.”

Side note: The highways in North Carolina have at least two names, and as many a five (really!). We founds this particularly fun while using the mapquest generated directions, and Map(if you could call it that) to Holden. The star shaped, one way intersection in Wilmington, NC is also note worthy. The directions to the beach read something like this:

1) Proceed south west on highway US7 to Wilmington.

2) In Wilmington just close your eyes and drive.

3) A miracle will happen.

3) Proceed south west on highway US7 to Holden beach

Our group was in relaxation mode so a late arrival was no biggie. We passed drive time by singing old truck driver songs (good ol’Texans), eating French fries and checking out the flower filled countryside. My favorite tune we sang was “The Durga behind the man, behind the wheel.” a spin off of a real trucker song, with a special little twist for the Reverend.

The Beach house was perfect, a very comfortable home with plenty of space for our group to spread out. There were many bathrooms and two kitchens, one for preparing meals, one for preparing beverages. ;-)

The home was plopped right out on the sand; from the living room one could hear the rhythms of the tides and smell the ocean air.

From this point on, I pretty much “ate”. I always like to vacation with people who like food. This group had several very good cooks and we took turn preparing the groups meals. Paco’s salsa was a group favorite and was served with practically every meal, he must of made a few gallons by weeks end.