Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mountain Biking Fruita, Colorado

Some of our favorite rides in the Book Cliff area. These are ride in-ride out from the campgrounds, Fruita goodness!:

Chutes and Ladders
Whoa! Smooth singletrack with very little effort required. The trail gradually makes its way up to the bookcliffs. At the cliffs, you'll see why this trail is called chutes and ladders. A few nice drops...
Joe's Ridge
Smooth and often challenging singletrack that climbs up to the ridge and the skirts along the top of the ridge with some cool views and steep descents. A thrilling ride anytime, but icing on the cake when ridden in conjunction with Prime Cut and/or The Kessel Run.
Kessel Run
Sweet fast singletrack that you can ride after heading up Prime Cut or head up 18 Road to the Joe's/Prime Cut/Kessel Junction. The trail is narrow slalom like trail with dips and tight twisty turns. Locals say it can be used an out and back, but with the amount of people coming back down, ...
Zippety Do Dah

Zippety offers a scenic ride along with some fun, technical, and frankly some scary sections.
Prime Cut
Sweet singletrack that you can ride as an out and back, or combine it with Joe\'s Ridge, Chutes and Ladders, or the Kessell Run. Ridden as an out and back, it\'s a good gradual climb that will get you warmed up for the long downhill run back to the jeep road. This trail has something for e...

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