Friday, May 21, 2010

Martin Sexton at the Ogden, Denver Colorado

Nell (Nell's surprises are always the best!) and I saw Martin Sexton last night a the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado.

First off, Martin and his Band Killed! It was a great show and we had a blast!
After seeing Martin Sexton everytime he has come to Colorado(Boulder, Denver) the last 5 years, I have to say, this show is what I've been waiting for. Don't get me wrong, I love the classic shows where it is just Marty, a guitar, a microphone, and we leave saying, "wow, I can't believe that much sound can come out of one dude"... but I always wished I could hear the full sound and experience the show that he brings with a live band backing him. Well Last night he delivered.
First thing I thought about half way through the show was, "Wow, He never plays these songs." The second was, "Man, he sounds great! Polished, strong, and fresh."

This was the first time I looked at Martin Sexton and instead of seeing kind of a struggling folk musician from Syracuse, NY living from show to show as he drives his VW Bus across the country (all in my head, I know), I saw Rock-Star Martin Sexton that has finally paid his dues and is now ready to kick your ass with a tight band and even louder mouth. He has quite possibly the strongest singing voice I've ever heard..last night it was like a canon he unleashed for the audience.

Martin Sexton has a new record out called "Sugarcoating".

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