Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Saw Rodrigo y Gabriela at the Denver’s Buell Theatre last weekend. Nell surprised me with a couple tickets a few weeks ago, I was stoked to go. We had great seats, the sound quality in that place is amazing. Hand clapping, feet stomping and applause rumbled the venue at last night's performance. The energy level was like none I've experienced there in the past at the Buell. It is amazing how much sound and energy can come from two people. Masters of their instruments, they had the crowd clapping, shouting and energized all night. Their music created an energy level that fueled a frenzy of people dancing.This trumped the theater usher's crowd control, and the assigned seating, as people spilled out into the aisles to dance and party shortly after the show started. Even the duo noted the poor choice of venue on this trip to Denver and promised a return next year. Rod apologized, “people come to our shows to move and dance”, Rodrigo noted. But like any true talent, they made it work. I hardly noticed the assigned seating.
I was particularly amazed by the amount of music and sounds that Gabriela can create with her instruments, both the guitar and djembe. She seems so tiny on the big stage, yet she thundered the rhythms that hypnotized the audience. She left a lasting impression, I was humming their tunes well into the next morning. Thanks Nell, what a show! :-)

Denver's Buell Theatre.

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