Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From the Web: The Camper Bike

The Camper Bike, by kevincyr
These are about the coolest pieces of functional sculpture I've ever seen. They really inspire me, my mind spins with thoughts of adventure and travel with my Camper Bike.

The artist's conception of a night out with the Camper.
Oh man, I want one of these babies. You'd have to be a moose to haul this camper bike over a mountain pass... But it'd be worth it. Maybe if the bike were a tandem, it'd be easier to haul at altitude.

Blueprint drawing of the Bike Camper.

Another Bike Camper. This one looks a bit bigger and more luxurious.
Awesome Sculpture, so many fun thoughts!

Also Check out kevincyr's project "The Camper Kart".

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