Monday, June 18, 2007

Wedding Bells and Bagpipes.

Hudson Gardens June 17, 2007.
While the romantic strains of bagpipes charm the flower gardens and a fresh summer breeze chatters the leaves of the oak trees a group of close friends gather. A big day for Amber and Jason (both Colorado State Rams) has arrived. Beneath a rose covered trestle through the sun flower lane and beyond the brick bridge they exchange vows. In a beautiful blend of tradition, values, and artistic expression they treat us to a delightful summer afternoon. Complete with kilts, pale ales, orcades and the occasional boot knife.

Of coarse what would any “Hastings house” gathering be without live music, dancing, great food, home brew, exceptional conversation and of coarse the whole gang? We always make it a point to attend. With Guesses flying in from all over, the newly weds scheduled a play day for the group on the previous Friday.
For that we headed back to Fort Collins where it all started. A float down the Poudre river running at peak flow, a stroll through Old Town and a stop at Coopersmiths for pizza, pool and pints topped the trip.

There are so many talented musicians and artists in this group that rarely does an occasion pass without at least a mandolin coming out. Today Jason(Spidey), Mandy, Darrin, and Dave had prepared a little something extra and, got the party started!

It is times like these that make memories so vivid, they conger nostalgia and transport you back to the moment. We all met as kids in college but it is this energy created together that keeps us close and bonded. Little did we know that the relationships we formed while struggling through classes and young adulthood would form the people that we are today and that we would have enough sense to hold on to them.

Yeah Hastings.

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  1. beautiful! alex, your poetry, your photography and your mind are all beautiful things. thanks for capturing the weekend so vividly. long live hastings!

    live. love. beer!