Saturday, April 07, 2007

Big Day on the Pass: Focal B&W collection

Now I have never flown a jet fighter, but perhaps ripping down a powdery bowl above timberline at 65 mph on a snowmobile is close…not! But still, hanging on to that sled while the G-force wants to kick you off is a RUSH!

All these images are black & white except for the focal point. I use Picasa2 to create this effect. To the purest photographer this kind of filter could be considered maiming the image, but I think it can be fun on occasion. The effect can really put an exclamation point around the subject! These images are action shots of yesterday at Jones pass.


There is always time for turns.

These springtime conditions are improved by small overnight accumulations. Today we had an additional four inches to play on that fell last night. An “inversion” created by today’s weather system has left new snow up here and heavy fog and freezing drizzle downtown. These patterns usually bring mild temps/conditions to the high country after a small snow fall…And it delivers! Above 10,000 ft we enjoy clear skies and warm temperatures.

This is Chris getting closer to “jet fighter”!
- With this filter I made the "color focal point" a little larger and used more feathering. I like the effect it has on the clouds over the Colorado blue skies.

A “shark tooth” takes a bite out of the old RX-1.

“That’ll run the rest of the day won’t it?”
-Kaleb said shortly after seeing my sled’s snapped spindle, the after effects of me hitting what I think was a burred rock.

Shark teeth are rocks that barely poke through the snow. They represent this terrain in the summer time when none of this nonsense is possible.
This picture represents spring, the thaw begins.

Photos by: JP at


  1. Hi Alex. Is this what you mean by your interest in "sculpting"? Carving up the slopes? I've had a lot of fun with Picasa2, as well. Those Focal Point B&W filters can really add some drama to a photo.

  2. Ha Lisa!
    I posted one of my favorite creations. The cat5 scorpion really works, but I think is most enjoyed as a desktop buddy…
    Bob Marley looks on.

    ...I’m going to include the keywork “Shralp” in the profile.

  3. When you say "the cat5 scorpion really works" do you mean he scuttles over your desk while you work and if you accidently step on him he stings and you get really sick:)? I'll check out "Shralp" later. The websites this keyword leads to won't make it through the government filters. No doesn't make it through either:)

  4. Ah...actually you have an example of Schralp on this blog. Pretty cool. You are a sculptor!