Sunday, March 25, 2007

Colorado Texture.

Glacier freeze.
I don't really like this image. It is hard to look at from in close. My eye searches for something familiar, something to look at.
But from a few feet away, my eye doesn't care what to focus on, it relaxes and sees only tones and texture. From here I find the image relaxing and calm. It almost looks like water color.
Ok, I like it from three feet away.?


  1. Reminds me of an orio cookie frozen dessert. Mmmm....looks tasty.

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  3. Lisa…yeah, mmm Oreo frozen cookie treats…I love em! ..Homer drool..

    Mike… The Colorado Card is indeed a good deal for resort goers, but I used my pass only about three times this year…I’m proud to say that most of my days were spent in the backcountry! My true passion! I probably will not renew my pass next year…and use that money to trick out the sled!!