Sunday, December 03, 2006

Vail daze, Back Bowls Opening day

Deep Powder in the Colorado Rockies!

With record low temperatures and slick icy mountain roads Colorado delivers a skiers paradise. When driving conditions suck in the mountains, most people (normal people that is) will scratch the day and play it safe, as it dumps in the hills. They might relax and sleep in, wasting the day watching college football. I don't understand really.
For the Colorado Powder hound, when mountain passes are closing, and the weather service has issued a storm warning we fall into a trance, gathering our winter gear, loading up and heading out to the high-country, hoping to taste the sweetness. It means long hours behind a windshield with wipers on full, white out conditions, and white knuckle driving. But it’s worth it. The cold air temperature set the stage for opening day at Colorado’s favorite resort. (Ok I have a bias.) Light and fluffy, Colorado’s finest asset, glistens in the legendary back bowls of Vail resort. On opening day it is hard to have a friend. Even locals wake up early for days like today. Check out the morning lines.

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