Saturday, December 09, 2006

Backcountry Shacks and the Babylon Dog.

Somewhere, Colorado
So I accidentally nuked the blog text from this day a couple days ago. I recently switched to the new blogger (beta) and I’m still getting used to it. Never the less the original text from this post was lost.
Sorry…. I’ll try and recreate it from memory.

I spent some time exploring the Colorado Backcountry this weekend. We had terrific weather with bluebird skies and bright sunshine. This made for spring like conditions, not quite t-shirt weather but close to it.

We had two canine companions on the walk today. Paco (a Jack Russell terrier) and Milo a (golden/hound mix). I know what you’re thinking…A Jack Russell terrier in the wintertime Colorado backcountry!? How did it get around in the 3+ feet of snow?

These dogs never cease to amaze me. The first time I met Paco was on a 14er hike last fall. I was concerned about how he would fair near the top where there is a large boulder field before the summit. This is basically like walking on Volkswagens for a few miles. I have to say Paco skipped over the large boulder gaps with a grace only rivaled by the summits native inhabitants, the rocky mountain pika (a member of the rabbit family). I was amazed and impressed. Paco seemed to almost glide over the field spending most of his time in the air clearing the large gaps.
Ok, but this is 3+ feet of snow, what then? For most of the day Paco could float on the snow pack. The spring conditions proved alittle help here. But even when the snow got real powdery like in the trees, he would run behind the snowboard lines, keeping those feet at about 1000 rpms and had no problem keeping up with the riders. I was again Amazed at how easy it looked for him. Those dogs pack some power!

Paco geared up for the backcountry. notice the sweet vest.

...Paco is not the Babylon Dog, but thats another story.

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