Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Loveland Pass Powder

Dave skis down Loveland Pass in the fluffy, powdery goodness, most of which fell in the morning hours and was still coming down. JP lingers like a phantom in the trees capturing it all with his digital camcorder. (Blue jacket in the lower right portion of the frame)

About 3-4 times a year I get a day on the snow that really stands out in my mind and sort of defines the season. A day that changes the way I look at the sports of snowboarding and skiing all together, a day of progression. Sunday was one of those days. I met my buddies Dave (pictured), JP ( kinda pictured), and Mike early up on the Loveland pass in almost white out conditions. The snow was flying and the wind gusts were making it almost impossible to see. Visibility was poor for driving. In fact we were surprised to see the pass still open. But in the trees, out of the wind you could see just fine…so that’s where we went.
Not expecting much from the day because of the weather and the fact that my legs were still a little sore from the day before at Current Creek (big baby huh?), I rolled up early and about half awake. Little did I know that the rest of the crew was about to take it to the next level. I really can’t explain what got into them, I couldn’t keep up and had to bail after about four hours. You have to see for yourself, follow this link and download the short movie JP and Dave put together of the day…you’ll see what I mean…Those guys are on a different level than myself!

JP(the last rider in the video) goes ballistic!!

weknowsnow.com movie link!

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  1. sweet blog entry alex and thanks for coming out. everyone was sad to see you leave but we all know that feeling.. theres always another weekend. lets get it done again cause its supposed to be bluebird. you can tell from the videos how much your riding has progressed. by the end of this season you will be droppin cliffs and huts right along side us.