Sunday, June 05, 2011

Manzanillo, Costa Rica Part IV

Inside a ceremony hut deep in the rain forest.

Hand-made chocolate!

Josh getting the picture I wanted.

Multiple ecosystems living on pretty much everything. Photo:Nell

The Red Winged Black Grasshopper. X6, can you see them?

Children play with toy trucks in the rain forest.

A Golden Orb spider poised in her web.
These spiders were everywhere in the rain forest. You can not miss them suspended on their webs in more open areas of the forest. A big thick web supporting a large brightly colored spider. This one is palm sized with a body about as thick as my thumb. The silk is so strong that it can trap small birds, which the spider doesn't eat. In the South Pacific tribal people have long used the webs to make fishing lures, traps and nets.

Can you see me? A small octopus perfectly camouflaged.

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