Sunday, September 12, 2010

Double Haul Casting

Firing my Double Haul cast in a shallow beaver pond near the base of Mt.Elbert. Caught and Released 3 greenback trout. Photo:Nell

I have been working on my different fly casting lately. I'm finding learning more about fly fishing is perpetual cycle. I'm using the follow casts as much as I can to step out of my usual style.

Tip Cast - Looks like a hatch, great for short range and pools. <--Most under rated cast.

Reverse Haul - Loads the rod during back casting, great for chasing fish without a false cast or sneaking up on a hole.

Roll Cast - I'm working on extending my distance and keeping the loop tight.

Statue Cast- Tuck yourself between a couple evergreens on a narrow stream and try using anything else. I'm too splashy with this one.

Butt Cast - This is a rod motion that really loads the rod from the bottom up. My Scott 9/5 just response beautifully with this cast, the result is another 10- 20 feet.

The Double Haul Cast is great for windy conditions and/or long range angling. The extra power with cast can be felt the fist time it is done correctly. I use my single haul cast all the time (usually forward Haul) but wanted to learn the double haul for the times where I need to shot most of my working line into a head wind.

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