Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Skampin Through the Desert.

Looking south at a passing snow storm from the Bookcliffs near Fruita, Colorado.
There is something strangely settling about packing your sandals during a blizzard. We can sense a journey on the horizon, one that incudles warmth and sand.
A bathing suit, the sun-shower, shorts, t-shirts, polys for the evening, and of coarse the Butter Train (what I call my mountain bike) could mean only one thing, Moab! ...With a Fruita springboard. The mind changes. The destination, thoughts of its climate and terrain drives the preparation. Visiting in the mind while packing is a great way to not forget anything.

The Day we wanted to leave (Friday) it snowed 2 feet.
Leaving Friday, right?
In a mad scramble before leaving town to beat a massive storm, we packed up the rig a day early and kind of stressed the inital push. But the storm arrived sooner than expected and delivered to the central and northern Rockies making a Friday night launch impossible. Vail Pass was closed and our launch day was pushed back to Saturday despite our efforts. Which meant we had to wait for ski traffic west bound on I70 Saturday morning. Adding to the delay and mayhem of the launch.
So our trip started Saturday afternoon with a quick skamp(what I'm going to call rolling in the Skamper) over the Continental Divide to Glenwood Springs for a meal and a therapeutic soak.

We met up with a group of our friends, who had taken the train from Denver with their children earlier in the week, for dinner (Vallarta Restaurant) and a soak in the pool. We dropped right in to their vibe which was established by a few days of soaking in mineral springs and drinking really good red wine. The stress of leaving melted away. We ended up staying in an extra room and having breakfast with everybody the next morning before finally pushing for Fruita. This stop set the tone for the rest of the trip.

Nell reads her book in the Skamper during a rain shower in Fruita, Colorado.
Photo: Trax

Snow covered peaks taken from near Porcupine Rim.
photo by: Nell

"Stay Brown" from near the Bookcliff's ride Chutes and Ladders.
photo by: Nell

Dudley finds a fresh puddle on the slickrock. He gets a drink and a much needed bath. photo by: Nell

Find the brown dog.
Dudley managed to find every snow patch in the desert on our walks. A true mountain dog, he'd then roll in and eat it.

Moab's last supper was grilled bacon wrapped tiger prawn both with and without a slice of jalapeƱo, with a side of steak.

Trax rips up the Prime Cut.

The Skampers maiden voyage to Moab (with me at least) is a banner success.

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  1. Love the new pics Alex. Especially the one of Nell and Brown Dog in the camper! Hope all is well.