Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home Grown: Canyon Mule Deer

A Couple of jokers eating the raspberries out back.
The older buck(antlers in the background) is Gary(What I call him). I meet him the first year I moved in.(almost 5 years now!) He is a smart fellow and takes advantage of the the quite valleys and berry rich residences in the neighborhood. I see him a few times a year. This time is a welcome sign of fall.

Note: Last spring I saw a young buck hobbling around on a broken leg, a compound fracture. He wore his despair and desperation on his face with his head drooped and eyes focused on the ground. I remember he barely acknowledge my presents. The leg, broken below the elbow remained attached making it excruciating to even limp obviously. Never the less he managed to make it into the trees out of site. I wanted to kill that deer and put an end to his suffering. I don't think I could kill Gary.

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  1. Gary is looking very studly! Great shots!