Saturday, August 15, 2009

More Bird Dog Preschool

Dudley races after a pigeon during his training session Saturday.
Brown Dog (what we have been calling him this week) really enjoys his bird-dog classes. Bryan and Amanda (his trainers) From BirdMTN here in Colorado, really take the time to work with each dog individually. So much of this kind of training is laying down the fundamentals. Today we worked on scenting, locating, flushing and retrieving with pigeons.

Flushing pigeons in the tall grass.
Dudley, while still acting like a puppy most of the time, will ever_so_often fall into "work" mode during his training session. It is this time where his instincts really present themselves. He becomes intense, focused and "all business". His trainers channel this behavior into good habits and discipline as they work through the exercise. After "releasing", Dudley falls back to his "drunken giraffe" puppy self and plays the day away...usually in the his favorite stinky pond.

Dudley went from "pointing" to "pooping" in the same movement on his workout today. Bryan jokes that his pointing style is all his own....and "something we may need to work on."

Again, nobody likes Dudley Brown.

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