Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla named Dudley Brown.

Our new buddy Dudley Brown a Wirehaired Vizsla at 13 weeks old.
Dudley did his first backpacking trip last weekend to Forest Lakes on the southern boundary of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colroado. He's a natural and dropped right in to the backpacking routine! Have you done this before? I wanted to ask.

Dudley swims in the forest lakes. (Elevation 10,800ft) photo:Nell
The fishing was great last weekend on the lakes, I was catching&releasing a trout about 1 every 3 minutes during the evening hours(6-8pm). Before I knew it Dudley wanted a piece of the action. He likes water and is not afraid to dive right in.

He is learning to yield to fishermen on the water. photo:Nell
Dudley's natural instincts are incredible. I would have not believed he can do so much naturally without having seen these characteristics for myself. He was pointing, stalking and even flushed two ptarmigans at 11,000ft on our walk day 2. The breeders said he was displaying exceptional bird-dog characteristics early...I now believe them. We plan to train him for bird hunting this fall.

Trax and Dudley scramble up a snow field.
Dudley loves snow too! He spend time playing and rolling around the snow fields during our walk day 2. The summer heat probably helped this along...I wonder how he'll feel come October.
He displayed good control and caution on both the snow and boulder fields. He seems sure footed and observant to how the rest of the pack traveled on the terrain then followed along. This will be important. ;-)

Note: Dudley's Breeder requested his "official" name include an Iron Maiden track title. haa!
Dudley "Run to the Hills" Brown.

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