Monday, May 25, 2009

The new camper.

...well new for me anyway. The 1996 Thor Skamper 100SC.

Do you remember that part in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, where the emperor informs Luke that the Death Star is "fully operational"?

The Skamper took its maiden voyage this memorial day weekend.

Rig Vitals: (according to the user manual)
Sleeps: 4
Length: 14'2"
Width: 7'4"
Height: 7'1"
floor length: 10'
UVW: 1410lbs
Wet Weight: 1849lbs (Full Systems)
Propane tank: 20 lbs (standard bbq tank)
Water Capacity: 25 Gallons
Grey water: 12 Gallons
Black water: 10 Gallons
Jacks: 4 manual

Equip with these Options:
AC/DC Power Converter 20-amp
3 Burner LPG stainless steel stove
Dometic 3 cubic foot Refrigerator(LPG/12volt/110volt)
16,000 BTU electronic forced air furnace w/Thermostat
Exterior shower
6-gal LPG water heater and water pump.

The interior.
A queen size bed hangs over the truck cab. While it is not the most comfortable queen size bed I've ever slept on... it is the most comfortable queen size bed I've slept on while "camping". It beats the ground and my Thermorest anyway. A lot of people call these kinds of campers cab-over campers for this reason. Others call them slide-in or pickup campers.

The layouts of these rigs are usually similar regardless of manufacturer and include a queen size bed, a twin or full size bed, a kitchen, a bathroom, a dinning table, storage and utility space.

The fold-out twin bed.
Sleeps one adult or two kids.(where they get "sleeps 4")

The Skamper's very capable kitchen.
The kitchen is getting outfitted with odds and ends.
Like Nell's Halloween mug, a thrift store tea kettle, countless work cafeteria silverware (from god knows where),rogue steak knifes,a second hand bbq set, can opener and cheese grader. Ancient dish towels, plastic salt and pepper shakers, melted spatulas, plastic plates, and hand-me-down kitchen keepsakes that will truly add to the magic of this little space.

Note: The three-way refrigerator/freezer using the propane source froze the chicken we had brought for BBQ night. I had set the internal thermostat too cold expecting the process to be relatively ineffective with propane. Was I wrong! How burning propane freezes and refrigerates.

This model has a small bathroom with a sink, a shower and a toilet (covered by dog beds).

The black water system in this unit is 10 gallons, hope to never fill it. While brushing my teeth, hand washing and even a Sunday night shower were great in this area, I can not imagine pinching one off in here. I mean the only thing separating you and your business from the rest of the camper is a thin vinyl wall, AND you have to deal with it later with emptying the tank. Maybe if I was alone or if it is snowing outside, but I will probably never use this feature.

Besides there is nothing like a brisk morning walk into the forest to dig a hole and relieve the being. It is one of the most rewarding parts of living in the backcountry, an experience that makes me feel connected to the earth and entirely human, with clunky flesh and venerability.

I love keeping in touch with my inner caveman.

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