Saturday, March 28, 2009

Colorado Backcountry: NOCO Slay day

JP does his signature tail butter. I call it "The Rodeo".
It is always a good day on the ski hill when there is utter mayhem and carnage on the way there. An upslope storm cycle (my favorite kind of storm cycle) just hammered the front range before the weekend. These snow storms send traffic into chaos plucking the unfortunate or sometimes ill prepared commuter. Only the hearty are out in conditions like these.
Our commute up to northern part of the state was a labyrinth of ditched rigs, fender benders, serious accidents; one accident involved 6-7 vehicles and continuous in-cab defrost. The white knuckle drive included some fierce ice and snow pack that made for slow going, tedious driving. The worst of leaving town.
Our motivation was skies that continued to clear as winds calmed into the morning hours, the storm cycle which stared only two days before and was brutal, leaving feet of snow, losses grip and its bounty(~30+ inches powder) there for the harvest.

This Pringles right here Manie.

JP liftoff.

Jordan rockets.

Jay with helmet cam slashes.

Bennie and sled in a tree well.

By the time we got back to the trucks, done sledding and snowboarding for the day it felt like spring again. Blue bird skies and the snow pack had melted off the truck into that black pile of slush that forms under the wheel wells. The parking lots were muddy and flowing with snow melt. Somebody said "man that is some muddy water".
Today was anything but Double Trouble.


  1. awesome blog bro. it was great seeing you guys. i got some sick shots of trax slayin the 2nd lake. heading out sunday. hit me up.. i have one of the last mtnops hats for trax too.

  2. Thanks JP, We were in Wolfie last weekend getting the good. Hope you were able to find some. Lets ride next soon.