Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snowborads: The Rocketfish

Rocketfish by TARO TAMAI snow surf design

via: Ben at Sweetgrass Productions.
-After 3 months on the road, the Sweetgrass crew is back in the mountains, filming deep winter in the woods of Hokkaido, Japan.

"...Thus far, we have mostly been working with Taro Tamai, a Patagonia ambassador who has had a long history in Japanese snowboard culture, and runs a snowboard brand called Gentemstick, producing a line of snowboards heavily influenced by surfing (Taro himself seems to prefer the term “snowsurfing” to “snowboarding”), with board constructions reminiscent of the early days of snowboarding. They are most incredible! I got a chance to try one out one of the first nights were here, and it was like an hour in heaven. Built from the ground up to truly appreciate the perfect Hokkaido powder turn. As our rider’s coming over from the states have not shown up yet, we have been spending quite a bit of time with Taro, and we woke up at 4 in the morning today to hike a peak with him and two of his friends to catch him surfing the morning light. To no one’s surprise, it was snowing and grey, sans the colorful sunrise we had hoped for, but you can’t deny the beauty of movement on his boards."

Drawling. It has a bamboo core!

The Sweetgrass film,
Hand Cut's in the running for "Best Concept" at the Powder Magazine Video Awards. The Flylow folks call it the "Oscars of the ski world," so go check out the show in Aspen on January 24th at the Jerome Hotel. for more info, check out Powder Magazine.

Good luck Ben, Nick and Crew at SWP.