Friday, December 05, 2008

From The Web: Lego-Style Terrorist action figure

Lego Weapons by Brickarms

BrickArms Bandit - 'Mr. White'
"While his other siblings shun the day, Mr. White basks in the sunlight. Boldly attacking when the sun is high, each toss of his 8 fragmentation grenades erupts in a miniature supernova of destruction!"

In the News:
Full Story From FOX News

"BrickArms is not licensed by LEGO Group to customize LEGO figures and has no links to the LEGO brand," the statement said.

"The LEGO Group is committed to developing toys which enrich childhood by encouraging imaginative and creative play — and does not endorse products that do not fit with this philosophy."

Pictured: Full figure and accessories.
Also From BrickArms:

The US Colonial Marine figure.

They can not keep up with sales:

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