Sunday, June 29, 2008

Record Northern Pike in Canada!

A 55 pounder! Caught on Rainy Lake in Canada a few years back.

These two pictures are amazing but the next picture and this story will blow your mind!!

This 56 inch northern pike was "feeding" on a 36 inch northern pike which was the first fish on the line. The guy was able to catch both fish at the same time, even netting them simultaneously!
-Singing- Oh Canada!

Bait dunking!...with 36 inch Pike!

My local fly shop sent me this story in their newsletter:
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  1. Should have thrown it back! It wasn't "caught," it was netted!!

  2. Good point ######,
    I also think the record pike should have been returned to the water, world record holder or not. It WAS technically netted and not hooked when it was caught. However, the pikes own stubbornness, by not letting go of lunch, allowed him to be netted in the first place. As we all know Pikes have one track minds…Feed! But this old boy didn’t know when to give up, hints his size and tenacity.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. i think he should have kept the sucker tht would feed a family of four, fer a month

  4. Wahnsinn Super Hecht!

    Gratuliere dem Fänger;-)

    Greatings from Austria
    Styrian County

  5. When these photos were first floating around the internet, it was stated that the weight of the pike was 44 lbs, not 55!

  6. whoever keeps a fish like that has no soul heart or brain the fish is most likely older than you have some respect

  7. Hey christan,
    I agree. World record or no, the fish needs to go back in the lake asap after landing.

    Any fishermen who argues with that can't imagine catching the beast again..or its thousands of offspring.

    I'm sure there is some official blah, blah, blah for catching a world record. But if this system takes the life of the contender they need to rethinking it.

  8. A fish this size deserves to live...It is not going to make any money for him through endorsements, because it never hit a "special" lure, and fish can only be caught by a hook and line anyway by legally hooking it in the mouth.

  9. Anonymous6:20 AM

    This fish was caught in the Netherlands, not Canada.

  10. Anonymous5:48 PM


    It was 44 lbs before they let it finish consuming the 36" bait!

  11. Anonymous12:32 PM

    This fish is massive! One this big is pretty illusive to find. I've got a baby one at home in a 35 gallon tank...I can't imagine it ever getting this big. Mine's only 10 inches or so. I agree - they should have released it.

  12. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I'd keep it for sure if it's a record Pike? Doubt that it's a world record though.

  13. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Not bad i caught a 73 pounder ice fishing on a river. was using 2 pound test line!

  14. Anonymous7:32 AM

    i only dream of catching pike like that wel done