Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fishing Colorado: RMNP, Spring 08

Calypso bulbosa
(Fairy Slipper)

(Orchid Family)
Montane. Aspen, Spruce, and Pines.
Linnaeus named this plant Cypripedium bulbosum in 1753. William Oakes renamed it Calypso bulbosa in 1842.
"Calypso" is from the Greek word for the sea nymph of Homer's Odyssey. It refers to Calypso's mystical beauty and clandestine haunts. "Bulbosa" is from the Latin "bulbosus", referring to the bulb-like corm of the plant.

Common name: Marsh Marigold
Latin name: Psychrophila letosepala
Annual/Perennial: Perennial
Flowers: June to August
Flower size: 1" to 1.5"
Found in: Subalpine to Alpine
Height: 6" to 8"
Invasive: No
Native species: No
Useful in garden: No
Notes: Marsh Marigold is quite common and easy to identify. They can be found growing in large groups in any standing or slowly flowing water in full sun or light shade.

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