Saturday, March 08, 2008

Snowmass, Colorado

Maroon Bells from Snowmass.
~A brief history~
Ranchers and homesteaders had settled in what is now Snowmass Village by 1890. Mostly farm land then , it was not until May of 1955, Pitkin County zoned the area to include forestry and residential, and established a minimum lot size of two acres.The Hoaglund Ranch was purchased by the Janss Colorado Corporation around 1958. Janss continued to make land purchases and prepared a development plan for the area in 1964. The natural assets of "Snowmass-at-Aspen" would be developed into a profitable year-round resort, linked to the Aspen areas' lodging and amenities but including its own unique ski-in/ski-out residential opportunity. The Janss Plan integrated 8,145 dwelling units into several small, alpine pedestrian villages on the slopes of Burnt and Baldy Mountains. Building materials would come from the natural wood and stone available in the immediate area. Internal circulation would rely on pedestrian trails and an effective, accessible transit system. Less intensive residential use and recreational open space separated the planned villages.The formation of the Snowmass-at-Aspen ski area attracted growth and investors to the area. Commercial and retail construction began in the West Village. The first lifts began operating up Fanny Hill and Sam's Knob on December 16, 1967.As Snowmass Village evolved, the Pitkin County Commissioners favored a less intense buildout, preserving open space and buffers around population centers. The Snowmass Corporation, now the major landholder, favored higher density pockets throughout the area. The result: West and East Village would be oriented toward visitors and Sinclair/Meadow Ranch toward permanent residents.In 1977, Snowmass-at-Aspen officially was incorporated as a Home Rule Town under Colorado law, and became the Town of Snowmass Village. via AllAspen

Patrollers with Avy Dog on morning patrol.


  1. Wow! You are getting ridiculously good at creating those banner's at the top of your pages! Nice. Still haven't bought snow pants. The only positive side to that is that they will probably be on sale by now. If I can find the right size! Looks like you've been having fun. Sorry I haven't written. I've been ridiculously busy with a trip home to Ohio and then Trinity's new pup.

  2. Thanks Lisa! Trinity's new puppy is so tiny. It is hard to believe that little guy/gal? will be a good sized dog one day! Nice work.