Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Colorado Sledding : Man Eatting Tree Wells

Northern Colorado
delivers yet another great day on the sleds.

Partly cloudy conditions made for varying visibility and temperature. Today was warm overall with highs in the mid 30’s. The snow softened in to the day as the sun poked through the cloud layer, making for spring like fluff.

The trees feed on sledders here.

Squealing Pig Sound,
The Apex from the snow point of view.

Oops! Dumped the Yamaha into a tree well while goofing off and jumping the sled riding tandem. HA! What else can you do up there? It looks like a fish out of water, you can almost see the gills flapping and hear the squealing. Took the whole crew and one photographer (thanks Nell for the images!) to capture the struggle of getting this 600 pound Pig back on its track and skis.

-- The Struggle --

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