Friday, November 30, 2007

Colorado Secret Powder Stash.

08 Dragon Secret Stash.

06 Apex Mountain Secret Stash.

Waist deep powder.
Soul required.


  1. Rock and Roll!! Is that your new Apex? Who was shooting? Great photos!

  2. Hey Marty,
    That IS the new Apex! What a fun sled. Although it was my first day on it, I felt like a better rider. The rider forward geometry of the new Yamaha sleds is very noticeable in the way it helps the sled perform and handle in deep snow and on climbs. The power of the sled is unreal. I had to make it a point to keep speeds under 50mph as snow conditions were varied this early in the season. It just wanted to GO GO GO!
    I did roll it once and got stuck a couple times but overall the new sled gets two thumbs up. JP took the shots of me on the sled. His new Polaris Dragon ran like a champ that day too.
    We ended up spending about 7 hours in the backcountry just playing in the valleys and alpine bowls. Although we had our snowboards, today was about feeling out the new sleds. The body feels that the next day! Talk about total body workout.

    Snowmobiling in fresh powder feels like a cross between jet-sking and atv-ing, what a rush. I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. your blogs and photos are inspirational as always.

  4. Thanks Nav g.
    Come back soon.

  5. I loved your comment on sledding through the waist deep powder. "soul required". Awesome. Looks like a lot of fun!