Sunday, October 28, 2007

Colorado Toy Box: Yamaha Apex Mountain

Yamaha Apex Mountain.
I traded in my 04 RX-1 Mountain for a 06 Apex Mountain last week. My new Apex belonged to a guy at the shop (Rocky Mountain Power Sports, Boulder) who broke his collarbone on it last season and called it quits after only 600 miles on the sled. A bit surprising considering the investment, but I know where the guy is coming from, as his situation kind of reminds me of my experience with Kayaking.

Long story short:
1. Bought new Kayak and gear from REI
2. Practiced with new boat on pond, had fun.
3. When out for the first time on white water at the Poudre River.
4. Almost drowned upside down in boat as shoe got caught, not so fun.
5. Sold new boat the following day at gear swap and bought new mountain bike.

My new sled has many extra and should do a great job this year in the backcountry. Waiting for snow…

The sled Post.
MODEL Apex Mountain
ENGINE 4 Stroke, 4 Cylinders, 3 Valves, Liquid Cooled
BORE X STROKE 74.0 x 58.0 mm
CARBURETION 39mm Mikuni Fuel Injection
IGNITION Digital D.C. C.D.I. with Throttle Position Sensor
SUSPENSION Front: Independent, Double Wishbone; Shocks: 40mm HPG, Aluminum; 7 in. travel
Rear: Pro Active Mountain 162"; Shocks: Gas Cell Hydraulic; 14 in. travel
BRAKES Disc; 4-Piston Hydraulic with Lightweight Rotor
SKIS Wide Saddleless Plastic Mountain Ski
LENGTH 130.9 in.
WIDTH 45.8 in.
HEIGHT 41.1 in.
TRACK LXWXH 162 in. x 16 in. x 2.25 in., 3.0 in. pitch, Camoplast, Paddle
SKI STANCE 37.6 in. - 39.6 in., Adjustable
DRY WEIGHT 596 lbs.
OIL CAPACITY 3 qts., Dry Sump

~Apex Mountain Features~

~Reverse~ Used to power the sled off the trailer and to back out of hairy situations. These things weigh about 550 lbs, dragging them off a trailer or out of a hole is a some times a pain in the you know what. Like, when it is 10 below and snowing sideways.
~Skid Plates~ Protect the sled’s chassis, a-arms and suspension from hidden hazards (sharks teeth!)

~Ski and Snowboard Rack~

For hauling skis and snowboards to summit altitudes.
~Longer Track & Ice Scratchers~
Improved traction and control. Scratchers scrap snow from the trail onto moving components keeping them lubricated and cool.
~Rider Forward~
Shifts the riders weight forward to improve sled maneuverability and handling for backcountry riding.

~Lefty Throttle ~
Give the rider the option to control throttle with left hand.

~Fuel Injection~
Starts up first turn every time & improves performance at altitude.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Cheetah Factory Racing.


  1. Your Kayaking story made me laugh. I'm sure it was everything but funny at the time! That's the reason I will never try Kayaking. I'm not into a sport in which my chances of dying are high, and those little boats just don't look stable. Nor do I think I would not be in panic mode if I flipped over in rapids.

    Your Apex Mtn. looks sweet! Reminds me of those machines that leah and the gang road through the ewok forest in return of the jedi. It looks otherworldly:)

  2. is trying to pull all of Colorado's ski webcams together into one page.
    take a look and let us know if you are aware of other webcams we don't have featured, and feel free to link to the the webcam collection in your blog.

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