Monday, July 23, 2007

Special Edition, Backpacking Colorado- Part III


Morning Yoga with the Ladies.

Old man Tree, just below tree-line. (I like this shot.)

Water pollutants from leftover mining parts rusting in stream beds and wetlands.

Looking out at mining ruins from the Cross Creek cabin just before dusk.

Around the camp fire, Day 3.

My “Chaco” feet on the tundra. (Elevation 12,100 ft)



  1. My favorite photo is the one where you are peering out of the cabin window at another decaying structure at dusk.

  2. Oh yeah...and I think the ladies have it right with the morning Yoga. What a great way to start the day, especially with the inspiring scenery all around.

  3. Yeah, agreed the ladies and morning Yoga was something really cool to watch. I told them that if I was making the pin up calendar "Babes in the Backcountry" this image would be July.