Saturday, June 02, 2007

Spring Time in the Rockies: The Foxes

The youngsters
These baby foxes were wrestling near the trail head today. They were bouncing and crashing into each other, then rolling around until the dust cloud surrounding them made it hard to see. They seemed fat, healthy and happy to be alive having a wonderful time in the short periods of sunshine that warmed the green and flowing valley. Spring has finally come to Colorado and the wild life is out. The lower elevations are thawed completely and colorful with the spring flowers and plants slowly populating what was ice and snow a few weeks ago. The trail was still patchy with snow pockets and chattered with run off. The backcountry along the front range is showing all signs of a great summer season. There is lots of water, still plenty of snow at the higher elevations (above 10K) and many animal sightings.
Gnarles and I did some backpack training near the north fork of the Boulder creek just down the road from Eldora ski resort. Our goal was to get some fly fishing in and to start working on those backpacking legs to gear up for the season. We carried “2 day” backpacks (~50lbs) and spent the day tooling around looking for fishing holes along the river, wildlife and scouting for spring ski lines.
Noteworthy: We saw 7 foxes today. 5 Babies, 2 adults.


  1. How incredible, Alex! Great write up and pictures! I don't know how you were able to drag yourself away from baby foxes playin'! Sounds like you guys had a nice hike.

  2. Thanks Lisa!
    We actually saw these guys at the end of the day and we did indeed sit and watch them for a few minutes. They were hilarious! Full of all kinds of spunk and quite rowdy, they we not afraid of us in the slightest. In fact they played almost like they were showing off for us. They probably didn’t know enough to be afraid, yet.
    I hesitate to say that this time in their lives is probably them most care free and easy they will have it. We wished them good luck before we headed out. I hope to see them again when I visit later this spring.