Thursday, December 21, 2006

Deepness on the front range!

My Rig!
The year’s blizzard is winding down today as it squeezes every last flake of snow out of the up-slope system. I have about 4 feet of snow up here! I got out the shovel and dug my jeep out this morning, took about an hour. But not before taking a couple neighborhood laps on the sled! I got stuck twice!
I’m looking forward to the weekend. The Backcountry should be epic!

My Goodyear Workhorse snow tires are worth their weight in gold!


  1. That only took an hour to dig out? It took an hour to dig my car out too, with 2 people and I just had to dig out the back end. Took a spin on my snowshoes yesterday. Definately fun!

  2. Oh geez, what a waste of snow. Up here in the mountains we got far less. However, the day before Xmas was really good. Keep up the good posts. I like the "fall out" post.