Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sleddin in my own backyard!

After snowing 20 inches overnight the canyon roads are pretty bad this morning, and it is still dumping. So I stayed home and went sleddin!
...Dig my yellow & purple house! ha!
Hey I bought it that way!
:-O Look at this!!! HA! still coming down.


  1. Alex,

    Man that looks like some fun, today I have been all smiles viewing the many resort webcams of colorado (not that I could see a dam thing).

    Enjoy the day.


  2. Hey Brian,
    This is crazy weather for the early season! I had a blast this morning on the sled tooling around the hood. Over the head BLOWER shots were common! ...I can hear other sleds in the canyon, seems like it is a play day for folks up here.

    Spending the day sledding like I did as a kid.(just different sled)

    -Let it snow!

  3. it looks so good it hurts. hey, btw, mandy and i will be in colorado for thanks-g. puck is throwing a bash at his place that friday night. can't remember if you were cc'd on that email. anyway, hope you can make it... unless you're gonna be out playing in the fluff.