Sunday, June 18, 2006

Full Horn, Full Throttle!

The Dog and his “little rascal” scooter at the New York New York Hotel and Casino,
Las Vegas Nevada.

If you were lucky enough to be at the NYNY Hotel and Casino last weekend you might have noticed my buddy Casey (The Dog) terrorizing the place on his rented Little Rascal motorized mobility scooter.
About halfway into his Vegas Bachelor party, Casey discovered that one does not necessarily need to be physically handicapped to rent a little rascal. Like most everything in Las Vegas you just need the cash, $40 to be exact, and the motivation. Needless to say, it was not long after hearing this news that Casey floored our group of 10 by pulling up on this little beauty, cocktail in hand.
Equipped with a wire basket (great for holding cold beer), leather seat with arm rests, two front headlights, a backup/reverse alert (sounded like a trash truck for some reason), and probably the greatest thing you can put on a scooter like this, an annoying little horn, which Casey used quite liberally. He soon learned that this horn was capable of parting the sea of casino patrons as he weaved at full throttle through the gaming floor. He was noticeably satisfied with his decision to rent the scooter, to say the least, and so were we.
When he first appeared with this scooter I laughed so hard tears flowed from my eyes. It was the kind of laughing that one waits years for.

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