Sunday, March 12, 2006

A Boulder Fog

Life in the clouds. +15 F

I have been in a black& white landscape mood lately. Can you tell? An Ansel Adams want to be?, yes. Some photographers might find these images boring and without obvious subject matter. I like them. I like to let my eye get lost searching the trees and ridge lines. My mind wonders over the image, asking what's happening on that distant peak? Or tucked away in the valley? I look at the weather pattern, is that storm rolling in or out? Some people don't like this, preferring that the image dictate thought with a bold subject, and while it is true these often make the best black and white images, what I like most about landscape photograph is studying the image for Ride-able Terran.(bike or board)
I then image I'm doing that.


  1. poetry. pure poetry mon ami. hey, can you send me the blog translator thingy majiggy? thought stevel knievel should go international. :)

  2. or should i say, pure snoetry? mwahahahahaaaaaah!