Tuesday, March 07, 2006


BackcountryMAPS.com is interactive mapping environment geared towards outdoor enthusiasts. It allows users to create and share interactive maps, images, and reports of their favorite backcountry adventures.

The BUZZZ has begun!
Google Maps Mania

The USAToday Write up!
Off the road again.


  1. Realmente me parece increible que haya tanta nieve. Yo vivo en Madrid, España, y claro, por aquí no he visto nunca nada igual.
    Me parece precioso...

  2. Awesome tool for the backcountry clan. By the way, Mandy and I are going to Iceland this summer... i'll be blogging notes along the way. so, looks like backcountrymaps.com will go global shortly!

  3. Casey4:17 PM

    I agree with what Chiscolina said.