Saturday, February 04, 2006

Deepness "Colorado's Loveland Pass!"

-Stoermer takes a face shot in a Powder frezy.

Oh mercy!
Last Thursday's snow storm turned into Friday's and part of Saturday morning's. It left just under two feet of snow in parts of the central Rockies. A-Basin reported 19" total and Loveland resort reported 22''. The area got hammered! The pass connecting the two, "Loveland Pass" closed Thursday night and didn't open till Saturday morning. This means two things to the powder hound ;
1- Nobody was able to ski/ride the the pass for a whole day while it dumped up there, leaving some two feet of snow.
2- When the pass opens, it is first come first serve!

Saturday I woke up at 4:30am and I was out the door by 6:00(I like to have a coffee). I sped up to the hill! When I got there the storm had passed and the plows were finishing up the snow removal. A line had formed at the access gate. The true hounds! Everyone with their fatty skis or powder boards.(I call mine "the gun ship".)At the front of the line, of coarse, was JP. He had been waiting since 6:00am, hoping the road maintenance would have finished over night. A true master of the craft, "Dawn patrol" I got up there around 7:30 and I was probably car number 7 waiting... the pass open just after 8:00am. The line of vehicles followed closely behind the CDOT Plow, who was doing one last scrape before the ski traffic rush. A couple people tried to pass members of the line. Crazy but understandable.
A funny thing happens to people when there is this much new snow. It's know among the powder hounds as "Powder Frenzy". I believe this to be similar to the fight or flight response. It's an adrenaline driven phenomenon that disrupts normal thoughts and focuses all your mental energy on the high speed powder turns.


  1. Killer post as always man... That picture is SIIIIIIIIICK!